We live in an era where Evidence Based Practices (EBP) have become the cornerstone of best practice in mental health. However, mental health clients come in many shapes and sizes, few of which generally match the populations upon which EBP's have been validated.  Further, with so many EBP's from which to choose, it can become very complicated to decide which EBP's best fit the needs of your population, and how best to integrate these approaches intelligently so that your staff and clinicians know how, when and why to best intervene.

The Center for Integrated Intervention (CII) is a consultation agency designed to provide support and training to mental health facilities seeking to develop or enhance their treatment model.  We specialize in helping facilities learn how best to integrate Evidence Based Practices toward the goal of enhancing the overall effect of treatment and interventions, and improving outcome.  The Center for Integrated Intervention also helps agencies develop fidelity measures that can be used to track adherence to their programmatic model.  It is our goal to enable agencies to understand when and how best to apply various interventions in conjunction with each other so that they can better orchestrate their delivery of service.